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Specific Accommodation Information

Describe your DisabilityRequired

If you have a disability that would affect your learning while at Kenyon, please select the options below that best describe your disability.

If you have one of the disabilities checked below and plan to seek accommodations, you must attach a report of appropriate testing, documenting the disability, tho this Self-Disclosure form.

Please list any medical, mobility or sensory disability that sould be taken into account when assigning rooms (for example, room with a strobe alarm or close proximity to an accessible restroom, etc).

Did you receive support services or academic accommodations in high school?Required
Do you plan to seek support services or academic accommodations at Kenyon?

Information on Access to Disability Services


Academic accommodations are individually determined and designed to provide equal access to programs and services for students with disabilities. Accommodation requests cannot alter the essential requirements of a course or program. Accommodations must be requested in a timely manner. Interpreters, captioning, or books on tape must be ordered at least three weeks in advance. A minimum of five days' notice is required for any requested accommodation.


Students must register with Student Accessibility and Support Services (SASS) to receive services. First-year students who submit the completed accommodate intake survey will receive an email letter from the Student Accessibility and Support Services inviting them to submit documentation and set up an appointment to discuss support services at Kenyon. Students are not eligible for accommodations until appropriate documentation has been submitted and reviewed with SASS.


Students should make an appointment to meet with a Student Accessibility and Support Services advisor during the first two weeks of the semester. If an interpreter or captioned media is needed, please notify SASS upon acceptance to the College. The students and an advisor of Student Accessibility and Support Services will review documentation and determine appropriate accommodations during this initial meeting. Accommodation requests are reviewed at the beginning of each semester.


It is the student's responsibility to provide documentation, to Student Support and Accessibility Services, according to the guidelines listed below. Testing must be comprehensive and current (within the past three to five years). Documentation of learning disabilities should include the following:

  1. Diagnostic interview
  2. Aptitude testing
  3. Achievement testing
  4. Information-processing testing
  5. Signature and credentials of the diagnosing professional
  6. List of standardized scores, including all subtest scores
  7. Summary, including potential impact of the disability on learning

Documentation should be received by June 1, 2019. It can be loaded directly in to Accommodate using the upload feature below.

Inquiries regarding documentation or services can be directed to the coordinator of Student Accessibility and Support Services by calling 740-427-5453 or by visiting During the month of July, inquiries should be directed to the Office of Academic Advising and Support at 740-427-5145.


If the student does not have documentation at the initial intake interview regarding a request for academic accommodation, interim services may be provided if the student has received accommodations at the K-12 level or at another post-secondary institution.

Upload supporting document(s)
Are you renewing a previously approved Housing Accommodation?
Are you renewing a previously approved ESA accommodation?

Please note: you will need need to answer the questions related to "Are you requesting a Housing Accommodation?" if you are requesting Meal Plan Accommodations.


  • 2021-22 academic year, upper-class students: March 1, 2021

  • Fall semester, first-year/transfer/readmitted students: June 1

  • Spring semester, all students: November 1

  • Summer, all students: April 1*


*Since accommodations are good for one academic year, students requesting summer ESA accommodations may use documentation from the previous year, if they do not need a ESA accommodation for the upcoming year.


  1. Obtain Verification from a medical provider (link to the form) and scan and upload the verification from into Accommodate by the deadlines above. You will log into Accommodate and select the documents tab to upload the form. The verification form can also be faxed to (740) 427-5523, emailed to,

  2. Schedule a meeting with the Director of SASS, within two weeks of the deadlines above to review your request or earlier if possible. Please do not delay in scheduling this meeting and contact if you are unable to schedule a meeting during this time.

  3. Once your request is reviewed by the Program Accommodation Committee SASS will notify you of the decision.

  4. Once you receive a program accommodation notification from SASS you have ten days to appeal the decision.  Students will confirm acceptance of Housing, ESA, or Meal Plan Accommodations with the Office of Residential Life within ten days  

Please visit the SASS web pages, How to Request a Program Accommodation, to review the Program Accommodation policy and procedures.

Steps to Request

  1. Request: To request a program accommodation log into Accommodate and complete the appropriate request. Complete a SASS Intake Survey if you have not already completed one in the past. If you are requesting a program accommodation for the first time or renewing but are already registered with our office, please select "Supplemental/ Additional New Accommodation Request."
  2. Verification: Your health provider must complete the housingESA and/or meal plan verification form by the deadlines above. Log into Accommodate and upload your verification form by selecting your "documents" tab. The verification form can be faxed to 740-427-5523 or emailed to (see below for detailed scanning instructions).
  3. Schedule a meeting with the director of SASS using the Appointment menu item in Accommodate to review your request. Please contact if you are unable to schedule a meeting during this time.
  4. If you are renewing a previously approved accommodation please indicate this renewal on the request. Renewal of a program accommodation may not require a meeting with the director of SASS or additional documentation. SASS will contact you if further information or if a meeting is required.
  5. Once your request is reviewed by the Program Accommodation Committee, SASS will email a determination letter and notify Residential Life/AVI (dining services) of all approved accommodations. Please see the appeal process below. 

Program accommodations requested after the deadlines will be considered but cannot be guaranteed.